Partner Schools

Arizona Cultural Academy

Bayer Private School

Flagstaff Community Christian School

Gary K. Herberger Young Scholars Academy

Lexis Preparatory School

Native American Christian Academy

Rancho Solano Preparatory School

Running River School

Scottsdale Christian Academy

The Jones-Gordon School

Wickenburg Christian Academy

PS Academy Arizona

Ville de Marie Academy

About Step

STEP was designed to enable any qualified Arizona private school to market the tax-credit program to its unique constituents in a way that highlights (and feels like!) the school.

The STEP mission is:

  • to build and encourage community.
  • to put the donor’s focus back on the school’s mission.
  • to empower APESF partners with the tools and support needed to advance their own school-recommended support.
  • to supplement all other STO efforts.

APESF provides compliance with the state of Arizona for each participating school as a certified STO and 501(c)(3).

APESF enables donors to receive either a tax credit or tax deduction for their donation, but the school community and its students are at the focus.

To have a page developed for you, email Ali.